The Relyon logo used by English Clock Systems Ltd and its predecessor, Synchro Time Systems Ltd

ECS Research

If you have any item made by
       Synchro Time Systems Ltd or
           English Clock Systems Ltd or
               any clock item marked RELYON or
                   any paperwork relating to the companies or their products,
                       then please make contact with Martin Ridout

Research into the two companies Synchro Time Systems Ltd and English Clock Systems Ltd, their products and trading names, has been going on since the late 1990s.

Initially concentrating on the 1-second master clocks, research is now covering all aspects of the companies and their products.

Regarding documents, only photocopies or scans will be requested - the originals will remain with the owner.

(All correspondence will be confidential.)

Research is concentrated in the following areas:- 

  • ECS 1-Second Master Clock survey. (Please click on the 'Master Clock Survey' link in the panel on the left to submit a response to the survey).
  • Company history of either Synchro Time Systems Ltd or English Clock Systems Ltd .
  • Relyon - the trading name used initially by Synchro Time Systems Ltd and continued by English Clock Systems Ltd.
  • Advertisements or catalogues associated with either company.
  • Instruction manualssystem drawings, or any paperwork associated with the products of either company.
  • Any other clocks, timers, programmers, etc. made by either company.

If you have any items that fall into the above categories, please make contact. Your help will be greatly appreciated in building a better picture of the companies.