The Relyon logo used by English Clock Systems Ltd and its predecessor, Synchro Time Systems Ltd

ECS Process Timers


This mechanical timer was made by Smiths Industries, the parent company of ECS, and was marketed by ECS.

It counted elapsed time up to 60 minutes (black hand) in seconds steps (red hand), and was extensively used as a photographic darkroom timer.

The lever on the left is the start/stop lever, and the one on the right resets the hands to zero.



This mechanical timer was manufactured by English Clock Systems Ltd, as the Industrial Branch of Smiths English Clocks Ltd.

It is a count-down timer, sounding a bell at the end of its timing period.

The duration required is set by the knurled knob in the centre of the dial, up to 120 minutes, in minute divisions, at 10 minutes per revolution of the knob.

The upper lever at the side is pressed down to meet the lower fixed lever to wind the mainspring, and start the timer running.