The Relyon logo used by English Clock Systems Ltd and its predecessor, Synchro Time Systems Ltd

ECS Master Clocks

English Clock Systems Ltd. made two different master clock designs:

The first, designed in the 1930s by Synchro Time Systems Ltd (the company that became ECS), used a one-second pendulum.

Click on 1-Second Master on the left for full details of the clocks, and on Owners Manual for manufacturer's installation instructions, and Set-up Notes for detailed setting up instructions.

The second master clock, designed in conjunction with Gents of Leicester in the 1960s, had a half-second pendulum, was powered by mains AC power, and employed a mechanical memory system to overcome the problems of power failures.

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With the advent of Quartz timekeeping, English Clock Systems Ltd. bought master clocks from Patek Philippe, and badged them as ECS clocks. Click on Quartz-M Master on the left for more details.